Our premise at IPTAR is that psychoanalytic education is the basis for all therapeutic endeavors, providing an understanding of human character as well as a framework for comprehending the interrelationships between human development, psychopathology, and the technique of treatment. Psychoanalytic understanding not only prepares one to conduct psychoanalysis, but also is the basis for psychoanalytic psychotherapy with children as well as adults. A psychoanalytic foundation enables a therapist to choose the appropriate treatment modality and maximize an individual’s potential for growth.

The curriculum in all of our training programs begins with a contemporary Freudian perspective and goes on to integrate recent research findings and current thinking in the theory of object relations, the theory of the self, attachment theory, and, the widening scope of psychoanalysis.



ZOOM Sunday Salon/Open House Reception: June 14, 2020. Sign up in the events section.

IPTAR Offers Eight Training Programs:

In addition to the opportunity of becoming a member of a vibrant intellectual community, IPTAR offers any number of valuable resources to all its candidates, including:
scholarships, a comprehensive psychoanalytic library, a vital candidates’ organization, and the IPTAR Clinical Center (ICC).

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