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Publications Overview

//Publications Overview
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Publications at IPTAR are the charge of the Communications Committee whose overall mission is to facilitate dialogue within the IPTAR Community through our newsletter and list-serve and to reach out to the public via the IPTAR Bulletin and our website.

  • The IPTAR Bulletin is published every other year and contains detailed information on our organizational structure and leadership, our psychoanalytic training programs, the activities of the Membership Society, and rosters of both members and candidates. To download the bulletin in its entirety, please click here.
  • The Manifest Content is IPTAR’s in-house newsletter. Published six times each year, it contains columns from the Society President and the Dean of the Training Institute as well as news of upcoming events, and other news of interest to the IPTAR community. To read archived issues of the Manifest Content :
  • E-Talk, IPTAR’s community list-serve, keeps members and candidates informed about programs and events as well as providing a means of sharing concerns, making referral queries, and sustaining collegial dialogue.

Publications Projects

  • IPTAR Today: The Shaping of a Contemporary Freudian Perspective was published on the occasion of IPTAR’s 40th Anniversary in 2000 and revised in 2005, traces IPTAR’s development in the psychoanalytic community.
  • IPTAR at the Dawn of the 21st Century is a compilation of papers written by 36 IPTAR psychoanalysts highlighting current theoretical and clinical work, such as gender studies, effectiveness research, and film.
  • On Being and Doing: Essays on Gender, edited by Daisy Franco, Ph.D., was published in 2006 and includes work on phallocentricity, a critique of Freud’s views on feminine development, and the early studies on gender at IPTAR, especially Doris Bernstein’s revisions of feminine development.

Books Authored or Edited by Members of IPTAR

Many IPTAR members have authored or edited books of interest both to mental health professionals as well as the general public. Click here to see an alphabetical list of IPTAR’s authors and the books they have written.

Listen for IPTAR members and candidates on the New Books in Psychoanalysis Podcast