All programs will be held in the IPTAR West Conference Room unless otherwise specified.


Saturday  9/28 3:30-5:30 Library Committee and the Candidates Organization:

Welcome Back Book Party, celebrating Nuar Alsadir’s  More Shadow Than Bird  and Ben Kafka’s The Demon of Writing .


Friday  10/18    2:30-4:00 ICC In-service

Sunday 10/27   5 – 7:30  The Library Committee hosts a book party celebrating Arlene Richards book Psychoanalysis: Listening to Understand: Selected Papers of

Arlene Kramer Richards and Bill Fried’s photographs of immigrant analysts .


Friday 11/1   2:00-4:00   Master Clinicians at Work    Joe Cancelmo

Sunday  11/3    3:00-4:30 ICC In-Service

Saturday  11/9  10:00- 12:00  Program Committee   Douglas Kirsner (author of Unfree Associations )  will speak on  politics in  psychoanalytic institutes

Saturday 11/23  3:00-5:00    Library Committee: Book Party  for: the new volume of the CIPS book series, Battling the Life and Death Forces of Sadomasochism    Eds. Basseches’ Ellman, and Goodman  chapters by S. Ellman, S. Bach, R. Reichbart,  A. Bass, F. Perlman, A. Greenman)


Friday 12/6  The Developing Analyst


Monday  1/27   7:30 P.M. CAP  Visiting Lecturer   Eugene Mahon


2/12   2:30-4:00   ICC


Saturday 3/8  Diversity Committee  Latin American Conference Part II   New School

Friday  3/7    2:00-4:00  Master Clinicians at Work     Janice Lieberman

Thursday 3/20   CAP   Anna Alvarez




Friday  5/ 2   Developing Analyst   2:00-4:00