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IPTAR and The New School Psychotherapy Program
Present the Norbert Freedman Memorial Lecture
Honoring a Major Contributor to Psychoanalytic Technique

The Dream Cycles of the Analytic Couple

Introduction by Sheldon Bach, PhD

IPTAR is proud to honor preeminent Freudian scholar and theoretician Dr. Steven Ellman for his contributions to psychoanalytic theory and technique. Dr. Ellman has inspired countless students and supervisees at IPTAR, as Professor and Director of the City University Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program, at the NYU Postdoctoral Program, and at other institutes for over 30 years. Many of our most respected colleagues were once his students and use him as their model to this day.

Dr. Ellman’s presentation will explore the analytic process as analogous to the manner in which the dream is an integrated part of a person’s sleep and waking experience. He will postulate that in optimal circumstances the dream is a welcome part of human life, but that unfortunately this is often not the case, as many adults suffer from some type of dreaming (sleep) disturbances. He will show how these disturbances mirror the difficulties in transference-countertransference cycles. He will demonstrate how conceptually enduring transference-countertransference states allow patients to experience their dreams, and he will explain how dreams are discharged in a manner that is parallel to difficulties in tolerating transference manifestations.

Dr. Ellman has published more than 100 papers on psychoanalysis, experiments in sleep and dreams, and the neurophysiology of motivation. His seven critically acclaimed books include The Mind in Sleep, Freud’s Technique Papers: A Contemporary Perspective, and When Theories Touch: A Historical and Theoretical Integration of Psychoanalytic Thought. Dr. Ellman is a training and supervising analyst at IPTAR, and was twice its President. Dr. Ellman is also Professor-Emeritus at the Graduate School of City University of New York, and Clinical Professor at New York University Post-Doctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. He was co-founder and the first President of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (CIPS).

Educational Objectives:
1. Understanding the difficulties in receiving and analyzing transference
2. Understanding how to view and utilize different countertransference states
3. Understanding typical sleep disturbances and how to use non-sleep remedies

Program Committee: Jeanne Even (chair), Judy Ann Kaplan, Susan Berger, Carolyn Ellman, Eva Atsalis,, Anna Fishzon, Bruce Reis, Masha Mimran, Steven Ellman

The New School Psychotherapy Program (NSPP) is operated by the Clinical Psychology Program at the New School, and offers affordable, short-term individual psychotherapy.
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