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A Facilitated Group Event

Presented by: The LJGould Center for Systems-Psychoanalytic Studies

We live in a turbulent world. The public sphere has been raucous and deeply divided during the 2016 Election season. Each side found the other side’s candidate unacceptable, and inevitably a choice in one direction would leave the other side disheartened and disenfranchised.

Was the election about race? Economic disparity? The role of women? Turning inwards or reaching outwards? And what about gun control and climate change? All of these are readily identified red-letter issues, but are there deeper currents influencing decision-making in the public domain? Was the election about the democratic process itself? And indeed, how secure is our Democracy? How do we understand the tsunami of change that has swept aside the familiar social conventions that normally govern transitions?

Join with us as we enter 2017 for a group discussion about these and other issues as we identify common themes, and then move to a deeper level of work to discover shared unconscious beliefs and currents influencing society and the body politic.

Seating for this group will be limited to the first 20 rsvp’s, so register early to secure a place.

Facilitators: Andrea Greenman, PhD and Members of The LJGould Center*

Components of the L.J.Gould Center*
Chair of the Center: Joseph A. Cancelmo, Psy.D., FIPA
Chair, Monthly Case Conference: Dahlia Radley-Kingsley, MBA, MA
Steering Committee and Faculty: Susan Berger, Psy.D., Joseph Cancelmo, Psy.D., Andrea Greenman, Ph.D. Dahlia Radley-Kingsley, MBA, MA, Michael Moskowitz, Ph.D., and
Ferne Traeger, LCSW, MBA

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