Disorders of Transition in Family Businesses: The Laius Complex– It’s Not for Men Only — Mark Sirkin, Ph.D.

/Disorders of Transition in Family Businesses: The Laius Complex– It’s Not for Men Only — Mark Sirkin, Ph.D.

Disorders of Transition in Family Businesses: The Laius Complex– It’s Not for Men Only — Mark Sirkin, Ph.D.

Monthly Systems-Case Conference

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


IPTAR East Conference Room

1651 Third Avenue – Suite 201

bet East 92nd & 93rd Streets


Mark Sirkin, Ph.D.


Disorders of Transition in Family Businesses: 

The Laius Complex – It’s Not for Men Only


As a systems consultant specializing in closely-held and family-owned businesses, Mark will explore a phenomenon he has identified as a “disorder of transition” in family businesses.  In this case conference, Mark will:

  1. Identify and define “disorders of transition” in family businesses;
  2. Define one such disorder, the Laius Complex;
  3. Discuss a specific, if somewhat unusual, case of a father-daughter family business transition disorder


Mark Sirkin is a management consultant specializing in closely-held and family-owned enterprises and worked as a consulting psychologist for RHR International, Hay Group, and Hildebrandt (now owned by Thomson Reuters). Currently engaged in his own firm, Sirkin Advisors, Mark works with Fortune 500 companies and law firms, while maintaining an interest in family businesses since early training as a family therapist and systems consultant.  A member of the APA, Division of Consulting Psychology (Division 13), Mark has presented on leadership and family-owned businesses, authored articles on related topics, and is a long-term member of the Family Firm Institute’s New York Study Group. An author of The Secret Life of Corporations and Regain Your Balance: At Work, with Family, in Life: Identifying Your Goals and Ordering Your Priorities (2015), he is Associate Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Mercy College and Director of the Mental Health Counseling Program there. Please Contact him at Mark@SirkinAdvisors.com or 914-450-6481


Teaching and Learning Method

  • The presentation will consist of a brief lecture and a Presentation of Case material and Discussion


Learning Objectives:

-Participants will gain an understanding of the complex dynamics in family-owned businesses.

Participants will be able to identify and define disorders of transition in family-owned businesses.

-Participants will be able to conceptualize and treat instances of the Laius Complex, a phenomenon of transition in family-owned businesses. 


Note: Social Workers: Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, Inc. (IPTAR) SW CPE is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #0226.  (1.5) CE credits will be granted to participants who have registered, have documented evidence of attendance of the entire program and have completed the on-line evaluation form. Upon completion of the evaluation form a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to all participants who comply with these requirements. CE Administrative Fee for those requesting CE Credits: Please bring $15.00 check payable at the event made out to Iptar with request for CE Credit at bottom of check.


NOTE Upcoming Events 2016

April 27: Limor Kaufman (Analyst, Consultant) 11:30-1:00pm

May 25: Ferne Trager (Analyst, Consultant) 11:30-1:00pm

June 15: Avi Nutkevitch (Analyst, Consultant) (11am-2:00pm)

Fee-based Workshop in an applied Psychoanalytic-Systems Approach, Visiting org. consultant from Israel


The Case Conference series consists of a presentation of case material from an organizational consultation, an executive coaching engagement, or a presentation relevant to systems-psychodynamic thinking and practice.  The format is interactive and all who attend are invited to present.


For further information contact Dahlia Radley-Kingsley, Chair of Monthly Case Conference at: dahlia@radley-kingsley.com


IPTAR’s L.J.Gould Center is named for Lawrence J. Gould, a Psychoanalyst, Psychologist and Organizational Consultant, an international figure in the discipline who was instrumental in designing and implementing Systems-Psychoanalytic ideas and training to IPTAR.


Components of the L.J.Gould Center:

Chair, The L.J.Gould Center for Systems-Psychoanalytic Studies:  Joseph A. Cancelmo, Psy.D., FIPA

Chair, Program in Organizational Consultancy and Executive Coaching:   Kathleen Pogue White, Ph.D.,

Chair, Monthly Case Conference:  Dahlia Radley-Kingsley, MBA

Steering Committee and Faculty:

Susan Berger, Psy.D.; Joseph Cancelmo, Psy.D.; Andrea Greenman, Ph.D. ; Michael Moskowitz, Ph.D.; Dahlia Radley-Kingsley, MBA; Ferne Traeger, LCSW,  MBA; Kathleen Pogue White, Ph.D.


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