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The IPTAR Clinical Center

The IPTAR Clinical Center (ICC) provides candidates with the following opportunities: (1) experience doing psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy; (2) fee for service; (3) supervision free of charge by IPTAR members; (4) inservice training seminars and educational workshops free of charge; and (5) potential psychoanalytic cases.

Edward Frankel Memorial Library

IPTAR maintains a comprehensive psychoanalytic library. The library reading room is available to both candidates and members. It includes a wide selection of books and complete sets of the major psychoanalytic journals. A recent library addition is PEP WEB, which provides access to the current version of the PEP Archive, a virtual psychoanalytic library containing over 40,000 articles from the major psychoanalytic journals and more than 50 books, including the Standard Edition of Freud’s works.


Each candidate at IPTAR has the capability of using the PEP WEB service at home on their own computers. Everyone is supplied with a personal password with which they can log into the site at any time. Psychoanalytic writings from all the major publications are available in their entirety.

Members’ Scholarship Fund

The IPTAR Members’ Scholarship Fund was established so that IPTAR candidates who demonstrate financial need can apply for interest-free loans in order to pay their tuition. Further details are available from the Scholarships Chairperson.

Enrico Jones Diversity Scholarship

Named in memory of Enrico Jones, internationally renowned psychoanalyst and psychotherapy researcher, and the first African-American professor in psychology at Berkeley, these scholarships are designed to encourage people from groups under-represented in the psychoanalytic community, to enter psychoanalytic training at IPTAR. Each scholarship provides a stipend to cover the full cost of the first year’s tuition and may be renewed annually.

Candidates’ Organization

IPTAR candidates have an active Candidates’ Organization (CO). Although it is independent of the Institute structure, it has the full support of the Institute. The Candidates’ Organization is the voice of the candidates at the Institute and a resource for candidates to learn and gain support from each other. The CO nominates candidates to sit as representatives on the three IPTAR Boards. It channels candidates, who so wish, into many Institute and Society committees and functions.

Developing Analyst Series

The Developing Analyst Series is a unique case conference in which supervisor-candidate pairs present their work on the candidate’s control case at a series of Friday afternoon meetings during the academic year. All members of the IPTAR community are invited and the group discussion that follows focuses on practical, technical, and theoretical aspects.

Friday Night Papers

These Friday evening events provide a forum for candidates and members to share their ideas and present works in progress in an open and collegial atmosphere.

Master Clinicians at Work

In these programs senior analysts present clinical work from their practices. The analyst then discusses their choice of interventions and the audience is encouraged to participate with questions and comments. Here is an opportunity to view psychoanalysts at work.

Clinical Conundrums

Attendees will have the opportunity to think together about a clinical conundrum, difficulty, or impasse that has developed in a treatment situation. We will discuss how transference / countertransference dynamics, resistances, or other issues may be contributing to the impasse with hopes of moving the treatment forward.

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