Reluctant midas, Sharon Horowitz, Ph.D.

/Reluctant midas, Sharon Horowitz, Ph.D.

Reluctant midas, Sharon Horowitz, Ph.D.

L.J.Gould Center for Systems-Psychoanalytic Studies

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Monthly Socio-Analytic Case Conference

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


IPTAR West Conference room: 140 West 97th Street – NYC

Sharon Horowitz, Ph.D.


Exploring the succession dilemmas posed when an organization or

Firm is dependent on a “Super-Star” for top-tier performance.

Sharon Horowitz will use clinical vignettes to explore the “Super-Star’s” own sense of  responsibility, as well as desires and burdens serving as a guide for organizational design.


Sharon Horowitz PhD is an organizational psychologist who specializes in systemic change and transition management within the financial services sector. She has over 20 years’ experience advising CEO’s, CIO’s, PM’s and their teams in both privately held and publicly traded companies.  Her consulting and research interests include the psychology of investment risk taking, the psychodynamics of leadership and team creativity in portfolio management, succession planning, partnership relationships in successful fund management, Mergers and Acquisitions.

The Case Conference series consists of a presentation of case material from an organizational consultation, an executive coaching engagement, or a presentation relevant to systems-psychodynamic  thinking and practice.  The format is interactive and all who attend are invited to present.


For further information contact Dahlia Radley-Kingsley, Chair, Monthly Case Conference at:



IPTAR’s L.J.Gould Center  is named for Lawrence J. Gould, a Psychoanalyst, Psychologist and Organizational Consultant, an international figure in the discipline who was instrumental in designing and implementing Systems-Psychoanalytic ideas and training to IPTAR.


Components of the L.J.Gould Center:

Chair, The L.J.Gould Center for Systems-Psychoanalytic Studies:  Joseph A. Cancelmo, Psy.D., FIPA

Chair, Program in Organizational Consultancy and Executive Coaching:   Kathleen Pogue White, Ph.D.,

Chair, Monthly Case Conference:  Dahlia Radley-Kingsley, MBA

Steering Committee and Faculty:

Susan Berger, Psy.D.; Joseph Cancelmo, Psy.D.; Andrea Greenman, Ph.D. ; Michael Moskowitz, Ph.D.; Dahlia Radley-Kingsley, MBA; Ferne Traeger, LCSW,  MBA; Kathleen Pogue White, Ph.D.


NOTE: Additional Case Conferences will be planned for 2015-2016, generally the 4th Wednesday of the month from 11:30am-1PM at an IPTAR location.


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