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The Anni Bergman Parent-Infant Program is proud to announce the launch of its website. To learn about the program’s history, current training programs, outreach project, and research, please visit us at

Anni Bergman, Ph.D., Director; Sally Moskowitz, Ph.D. and Rita Reiswig, M.S., Co-Directors

The Anni Bergman Parent-Infant Training Program began in 1997 at the Contemporary Freudian Society and in 2006 came under joint sponsorship of CFS and IPTAR. The program is unique in offering intensive training in parent/infant work to psychoanalysts and advanced psychoanalytic candidates. Applicants with particular interest and experience in research are also considered, as are applicants interested in only the infant observation year.

The three-year training program includes:

  • infant observation,
  • the study of the literature on infancy,
  • infant research,
  • dyadic treatment of infants and their parents,
  • the application of this knowledge to clinical work with children.

The first year is devoted to infant observation, which establishes the foundation for later theoretical understanding and clinical work. Each program participant finds a parent-infant pair to observe and makes weekly visits to the home for at least one year.

The second-year curriculum begins with the study of recent research in infant neuropsychology and neurobiology focusing on the infant/parent dyad as a biological entity. The curriculum then moves to psychoanalytic theories of infancy and the parent-infant relationship.

In the third year, program participants concentrate on clinical applications of infant observation and developmental theory and examine psychoanalytically oriented approaches to parent-infant therapy.

For information on the rich resources made available by IPTAR to all program participants, please click here.

Please contact us for additional information and application materials.

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