Applications for admission are now completed online:

Information Needed for Application

The application takes an average of 16 minutes to complete and most people do so on a PC or laptop.

Since the application is detailed, having the following information on hand before you begin is a good idea:

  • A personal essay saved in PDF format. In it, include your understanding of why you wish to enter the field of psychoanalysis; how you feel the IPTAR training program will meet your professional goals, and anything else you would like to tell us.
  • Your resume saved in PDF format
  • Names and dates of attendance of educational institutions
  • Personal treatment details including the name, address, phone number and affiliation of the therapist
  • Dates of treatment, number of sessions per week and total sessions
  • Details of your experience as a psychotherapist in a clinical setting (if any) including the institution, name of supervisor and dates.
  • Details of your private training as a psychotherapist in private practice (if any) including the name of your supervisor, frequency of supervision and dates
  • The names of two references and their addresses and date of your professional relationship
  • There is a $50 application fee that you must pay by credit card in order to complete the application.

Integrated Track in Adult and Child Psychoanalysis

In addition to completing the application to the Adult Psychoanalytic Program please provide the following information along with your personal essay for the Adult program in the same single document:

  • Please write a separate essay describing your interest in becoming a child psychoanalyst.
  • If you have not listed your clinical experience with children and adolescents, and your supervision of that work on your application, please include that list with your essay.

Deadline for Applications

  • Adult Program: No applications will be accepted after 6/17 and that all applications must be completed by June 24th.
  • Respecialization Program: The deadline is April 30th for consideration for the following fall class.

Reference Letters

You can have your references either email their letters of recommendation to (this email is only for application documents, not for admissions information) or they can mail them to:

IPTAR Admissions
C/O John Fewell
1651 3rd Ave – Suite 205
New York NY 10128

Program information

If have questions about the program, please contact our recruitment advisor:

Eva Atsalis

Technical Problems / Support

If you experience any issues with the form, please contact