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    We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring. Will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time.

    TS Eliot
    IPTAR News and Events

    IPTAR is proud to announce the recertification of its SEVIS Program. We are pleased that we can continue to train candidates from around the world.

    Anyone interested in beginning training in September, 2015 may contact Brett Gorkin, Chair on International Studies (bgorkin@gmail.com) or Judith Hanlon, Chair of Admissions (judith.hanlon@gmail.com)

    Potluck Papers: Max Malitzky “Reading Freud’s Papers on Technique”

    Friday May 29 at 8 at IPTAR West.

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    Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program Open House May 31

    May 31, 3:00-5:00
    RSVP for location

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